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Programs are available for the following:


  •   Classrooms: grades k-12

  •   Assemblies

  •   Program materials are available for teachers upon request.

College Classes

Youth Groups

  •     Scouts

  •     Church groups

  •     Other

Civic Groups

Special Occasions

  •     Special Meetings

  •     Birthday Parties

For children, programs typically include a power point with stories of animals rehabilitated and information about the animals and environment. Also an appearance of the “educational owls” from BHWRP.

For older students and adults information about the biological need for all humans to relate to the environment and animals for physical and mental health, information about the animals and environment. Also an appearance of the “educational owls” from BHWRP.

We do not bring the owls without the program. Why we have the owls is our important message.

Programs: About Us

Opening Hours

Open Hours

Wildlife rehabilitation is done in our homes. 
Please call and make an appointment to bring an animal or to visit.

Programs: Opening Hours

Additional Information

Programs: FAQ


Recommended Reading

 “Wild Mammal Babies- The First 48 hours and Beyond” by Irene Ruth and Debbie Gode.

"Hand-rearing wild and domestic mammals" by Laurie J. Gage.

"In the Shadow of Man" by Jane Goodall

"Soul of a Lion" by Barbara Bennett

"The Elephant Whisperer" by Lawrence Anthony

"The Wilderness Family" by Virginia McKenna

"Gorillas in the Mist" by Dian Fossey

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