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Mission Statement of the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project

The Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project is dedicated to providing the necessary medical and rehabilitative care to all injured, orphaned, or otherwise impaired wildlife during their confinement and adjustment period with us to ensure their complete adaptability and capability upon their release back into their natural environments.

In addition, we acknowledge that human’s have a biologically based, inherent need to affiliate with life and lifelike process (nature) and that human identity and personal fulfillment and well being  somehow depend on their relationship to nature. We also recognize that because of our increasing technology and expanding civilization, opportunities for contact and relationships with nature are becoming a scarce opportunity. Therefore, a second mission of the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project is to preserve and encourage the relationship between humans and nature not only through our work with the wild animals, but also through our volunteer program, our educational programs, and our human-service programs.

Volunteer Program: The BHWRP needs volunteers to accomplish its mission to aid orphan, injured, displaced, and ill wildlife. Acting within the boundaries of federal and state laws and the guidelines of our program, our volunteers will have the opportunity to interact with wildlife life and to be part of our program to preserve our natural environment.

Educational Programs: Through our educational programs, licensed and trained educators will enhance the public awareness of the awesomeness of our natural environment and all that is included. It is our goal not just to inform, but to inspire and enable, to incite, and to ignite (move to action).

Human-service programs: Research has confirmed that the human need for nature is not just linked to the material exploitation of the environment, but also to the influence of the natural world on  emotional, cognitive, aesthetic, and even spiritual development. (Even the tendency to avoid, reject, and at times, destroy elements of the natural world can be viewed as an extension of an innate need to relate deeply and intimately with the vast spectrum of life.) Through the BHWRP trained human service providers will provide programs for normal, at risk, and special populations.

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